Fizban's Heroes

Interruptions and Road Trip

Fizban's Heroes Visit Vallaki

After dealing with the hag coven, Fizban’s Heroes discuss their next move. Despite both Ireena and Ismark wanting to try and get to Vallaki before dark our heroes decide to stay in the windmill, making some small attempts to fortify the windows and building a bonfire out the front door with assorted furniture from inside. Runga, Gromthar and Holaf bury the children’s bodies and give them last rights and the rest of the group settles in to a night routine of shifting watches. After 2 am, Gromthar awakes to whispers and crying. Ismark is trying to console Ireena who seems to be thrashing in a nightmare. Meanwhile Runga is doing rounds of the windmill while Jal holds watch by the fire. Suddenly a voice sounded in everyone’s head telling them that their protection of Ireena was pointless and nothing will get in his way. Dire wolves lope out of the mists towards the windmill and on the back side, Runga’s dark vision makes out shapes moving through the mist up the cliff-side, a small horde of zombies. Soon the battle is in full swing with everyone fight wolves to try and protect the horses. Jal, now attuned to the Sunblade swings it with ferocity slaying wolf and zombie alike. Klept fights his way out of the windmill to one of the horses where he mounts up and begins charging the remaining wolves and zombies, trampling them under foot. Within minutes the skirmish is over.

The next morning is strained and everyone starts late, recovering from the evenings excitement. It is a thankfully uneventful trip to Vallaki. Through some fancy talking they convince the guards to let them into the fortified town and move towards the Blue Water Inn where they secure food and lodgings. Jal makes a minor detour to the church in town but quickly becomes bored and skips out. At the inn they meet Urwin Martikov and his wife Danika Dorakova, who run the inn. Klept buys a round for the locals which doesn’t get them much response but some gratitude from a couple of wolf hunters named Szoldar and Yevgeni. Urwin, seeing the group are capable asks the heroes to head to the Wizard of Wines winery and find out why the latest shipment has not been delivered.

Gromthar meets up with an odd half-elf who is the inns only other guest, learning that he is a bard with a circus but has lost his way in Barovia. His name is Rictavio, apart from some polite conversation little is learned.

The group then leave Ismark and Ireena to get settled and go about the town, looking to do some commerce. A trip to the market finds them with some poorly stocked shops selling goods for ten times the normal price. They also notice numerous notices about the Festival of the Blazing Sun which starts in three days. Apparently the previous week was the Wolf’s Head Jamboree…another in a long line of festivals that seem to occur in this town. A couple of guards, lead but a large man with a massive mutilated arm seemed to be moving through the town putting up posters and intimidating the locals. Deciding to head back to the inn the group stops in an toy shop and meet an eccentric fellow named Blinsky and his pet monkey Piccolo. A few very strange toys are bought and after finding a doll that looks exactly like Ireena, Gromthar invokes Oghma to perform a mind link with Blinsky and learns that the dolls are a special order by an intimidating man from town. He learns Blinsky is forced to make the dolls from drawings to avoid having his shopped burned down. They leave Blinksy to his work and head back to the inn to decide what to do next.



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