Fizban's Heroes

A Mad House

The group made the steep ascent from Krezek to the abbey in just over an hour. Upon reaching the end of the road, they passed through a squealing iron gate which attracted the gate keepers of the abbey, two strange looking beings named Otto and Zygrek. Both short, no taller than a dwarf, were disfigured and had parts of beasts incorporated into their form. Otto had thick, leonine legs, a wolfs snout and single donkey ear on the left side of his head. Zygrek was partial covered in wolf-like fur and dark green scales, with yellow cats eyes. After an awkward introduction, the two guided the heroes into the abbey proper and led them to the abbot.

In the meeting room they found a young woman standing quietly and a young looking man in brown robes who introduced himself as the Abbot of the abbey. The woman was introduced as Vasilka. Speaking in an unnaturally smooth voice, the Abbot asked what he could do for them.

Finding the whole thing very strange, Gromthar invoked Oghma’s blessing and attempted to read the mind of the Abbot. Surprisingly he was blocked and saw the image of a powerful golden being with glowing blow eyes and flaring energy. Making it clear that such magics were unnecessary, the Abbot invited the group to eat. Through an extended discussion the group learned about he Belview family, the misshapen group of people that reside in the abbey. The abbot had spent many years trying to cure them of their afflictions with no success. They also learn about the Abbot’s plan to end the curse of Barovia by finally providing Strahd a worthy consort. He fashioned Vasilka for Strahd and plans to introduce her soon. The party realizes that Vasilka is a flesh golem, fashioned from multiple parts of unknown origin. The Abbot is obsessed with his plan and asks the group for help to procure a noble garb for Vasilka to make her presentable. In return he promises them healing and restoration from death should such services be necessary. The group also learns that they are not the first band of heroes to come through Barovia and that the Vistani have brought many over the centuries, all of which have failed.

The heroes decide to spend the night in a guest room, but before taking their leave Jal investigates the sun sculpture in the meeting room and craftily unlocks it to find a potion and an ancient book, the Tome of Strahd, thereby procuring the second artifact the fates foretold.

The group retires. Runga follows another mongrelfolk, Clovis, into the western wing and sees all of the Belview family locked in cages and guarded by a terrifying flesh golem. Meanwhile, the party looks through the Tome of Strahd and learns more about their foe and his obsession with Ireena. She must somehow remind Strahd of his lost love. The group sets up in the guest room, above the sanitarium and sets watch. During his watch, Gromthar sees motion in the courtyard but is unable to determine the source.

Everyone prepares to leave in the morning. Ireena and Ismark have no desire to stay at the abbey, despite the Abbot’s promise to protect them. While the main group prepares to leave, Jal and Klept enter into what looks like an ancient hospital. There they find an operating room, devoid of tools or furniture apart from a blood stained table. The investigation is cut short as the pair is ambushed by shadows who drain much of the vigor from both Klept and Jal before they escape the hospital ward via tumbling and Jal’s magic talents.

Before the group leaves, the abbot hands Gromthar a letter. It is an invitation from Strahd to visit him in the castle.

The trip to Vallaki is swift and without incident. In the day and a half since the group left, much has changed. Someone named Lady Wachter now rules the town and the group is forced to heavily bribe the gate guards in order to get back in.

Now they just need to find a dress.



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