Fizban's Heroes

Creepy Windmill

Fizban’s heroes approached the dilapidated windmill cautiously, with Holaf doing a search around the area and investigating the cliff and ruined stone circle in the forest clearing below from a distance. Klept was the first to investigate, slipping in the front door more silent than death and performing a quick scout of the lower floor, which seemed to be a kitchen with a ugly old woman working at a counter. Upstairs he heard jumping and cackling laughter. Klept slipped out just as silently and informed the group, which inspired Braap to take the form of a mouse allowing him to go under the door and explore the rest of the building.

When Braap entered he found the kitchen empty and worked up the stairs, see the same old woman on the second floor. He then advanced up to the third floor to find another two equally ugly, through much younger, woman cackling and dancing. His scouting complete, he began returning to the lowest floor when the mouse is suddenly grabbed by one of the hags who comments on how juice he looks before attempting to bite his head off. Suddenly, Braap reverts to gnomish form to the surprise of the hags and seconds later he grows into a massive brown bear and starts swinging.

The group, hearing the yelling and ruckus jump to action. The paladins rush into the building and begin fighting with the lead hag, Morgantha while Gromthar moves into support. Jal holds back to help Ismark protect Ireena, keeping his crossbow ready to take shots where possible.

Klept downs a dragon breath potion and puts his thief training to work as he scales the outside of the mill. He bursts through the second floor window blowing gouts of flame while Braap furiously battles two of the hags.

The heroes are blasted with magic missiles and lighting wounding the dwarves heavily. Braaps beast form is eventually beaten back and he is forced to fall back on his druidic magic and blasts the hags with a Moonbeam forcing them back. Surrounded by dwarves, Morgantha falls to sword, axe and hammer. As the hag dies, the magical power of the coven weakens and the two younger looking hags fall back to the third floor. Braap rushes up the stairs in the form of a Dire Wolf, forcing the moonbeam ahead of him. At the top floor he finds the two hags, each with a small child in hand and holds position, not wishing to risk the lives of the children. Gromthar arrives as well while Klept attempts another daring climb outside of the mill, almost making to an ambush point on one of the hags before grabbing window sill riddled with dry rot and falling 30’ to the ground.

The remaining hags attempt to negotiate, their freedom for the lives of the children. Braap holds back but Gromthar makes his choice, blasting one of the hags with divine energy. The hags kill the children, causing Braap to leap forward in wolf form through his own moonbeam, both burning his flesh and reverting him to gnome form just in time to bite the other hag. The fight starts again with one hag leaping out the window only to be stabbed in the throat by the recovered Klept. The rest of the heroes make short work of the other hag.

With the evil cleansed from the windmill, Braap goes to the attic space and begins searching for the fated “sword of sunlight” which he locates behind some abandoned bird nests. The rest of the group licks their wounds and begins turning the place over.

Braap pulls the sword from the sheath finding a blade of bright light. Holaf handles the sword and feels a rush of hope before a wave of rejection. He attempts to hand it to Runga who reaches out for it before suddenly withdrawing his hand. Braap decides to hold onto it for now and look at it more later.


Finally, while the rest of the group rests and Klept recovers from his unexpected and painful meeting with the ground, Gromthar plays with a box of frogs. Runga has glorious visions of strong ale and pounds of deep-fried frog legs, but his hopes are soon dashed when he hears the frogs all simply hopped away. Slowly, too. With really no effort at all put into catching them. Sadness will be Runga’s companion tonight.

Creepy Windmill

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