Fizban's Heroes

Return From Mt Illefarn

After chasing off Avrik Zaltos and recovering the Elemental Key of Fire from the strange altar in the chapel of Moradin, Fizban’s Heroes leave the cursed mountain to it’s doom. The upper levels of the halls now full of dwarven wights and the living quarters housing only a few sad folk with their mad king.

The newly anointed paladin of Helm, Holaf, has joined the group eager to put the Ironaxe Halls behind him and begin searching for a way to destroy the cursed tome that destroyed Bliny. Together, the heroes return their encampment a few miles from the mountain to gather their horses and the few prisoners they freed and begin the two day journey back to Daggerford. The trip is uneventful and they make good time, despite giving the elves of the Laughing Hollow and Misty Forest a wide birth.

Upon return to Daggerford they meet with Sir Isteval and report on the events of the last week. He consults with a few members of his retinue and decides the elemental key must be sent up to the archmages in Waterdeep who will figure out how to either destroy it or secure it from the Red Wizards. A heavily guarded carriage leaves the next day.

After further discussion Sir Isteval confirms that the real Avrik Zaltos was indeed dead and the being they encountered at Mount Illefarn was someone else. After hearing the details of the party’s battle with “Zaltos” and some consultation with the wizard Delfen, Sir Isteval comes to the conclusion that the wizard the heroes fought may have been some kind of demon or devil. This means that creature is likely not defeated and will soon be seeking revenge.

The heroes spend the next few days around town, recuperating from the trials and have a small service commemorating their lost ally, Bliny. Jal spends a lot of time carousing and spreading tales of the greatness of Fizban’s Heroes, making many new friends in the process. Holaf agrees to join up with Fizban’s Heroes, though for several days he is plagued by strange dreams.

Shortly after, a new care package arrives from their patron, Lord Fizban, with salaries, gifts and news of a potential job far to the east in the port town of Mulmaster. Rumours of a powerful dragon laying siege to the region have spread and several groups are heading out there to face it. Preparation is made to put the group on a trade caravan making the 6-week trip from the Sword Coast to that region of the Moon Sea.

Before the group is set to go, they are invited for one last meal by the leader of Daggerford, Duchess Morwen. She asks them to deal with a group of travelers camped near the town that have been causing trouble. That night part of the group goes to investigate, finding a colourful group of people, known as Vistani, who invite them to party. The group’s leader, Stanmir, tells a sorrowful tale of a brutal dictator in their homeland and how they were sent to find heroes that could help free the land from this tyrant. Stamnir informs them that the Vistani’s lands are only a weeks travel to the east, on the way of the caravan. The group decides to travel with the Vistani, dispose of this tyrant and then try to catch up with the slow moving trade caravan in a ten-day to continue on to Mulmaster.



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