Fizban's Heroes

Into Barovia

Five days into the journey with the Vistani, they break from the trade road and head north. That night they camp in a forest, with fog slowly filling in between the trees. The heroes are not schedule for watch that evening and all rest. The next morning they feel different and Holaf notices the trees seem different from the previous day but Braap, a druid, is sure nothing has changed. The caravan continues to the north through the woods before arriving at a large gate in the road which magically opens as the Vistani wagons roll forward, closing behind the train once the last wagon is through. A placard on the stone gate plinth reads “Barovia” in strange writing. The mists persist through the forest

Travel continues for a few hours before the rain begins and the trees thin to an expansive clearing. A small village lies at the west side of the clearing at the foot of a towering mountain who’s peak is obscured by clouds.



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