Fizban's Heroes

Some time in the Village

The Vistani caravan works its way into the village of Barovia. Staminir warns the heroes that they will be leaving quickly and to not trust this cursed town. Jal and Holaf lead the group into the Blood of the Vine tavern to find a rundown establishment with surely bartender named Arik and unfriendly patrons. Everyone in the tavern eyes the group with suspicion and they get the feeling visitors are not common or welcome. Jal throws around some money and terrible wine is provided. Despite some clumsy attempts the heroes are unable to gather much information from anyone in the bar apart from a man named Ismark, son of the local burgomaster, who is looking for aid.

As the Vistani prepare to leave, the part splits along racial lines with the dwarves (Gromthar, Runga and Holaf) deciding to stay in the village and aid Ismark. Once they are done they will meet up the rest down the road. Jal leads Klept and Braap to the caravan and they continue down the road towards the main Vistani camp.

Meanwhile, in the village, Ismark takes the dwarves to the burgomaster’s mansion to meet his sister Ireena. They learn that the tyrant of Barovia and powerful vampire, Strahd von Zarovich, has taken a obsessive interest in Ireena. He has visited her twice and regularly sent his minions, zombies and wolves, to terrorize the town. On his next visit he will take Ireena away to his castle to make her is vampire thrall. Ismark wants to get Ireena out of the village to somewhere safe, either the walled town of Vallaki or the Abbey of Saint Markovia in Krezk far to the west. Unfortunatley, Ireena refuses to leave until the burgomaster, their father, is put to rest on hallow ground, in the village cemetery. The priest at the church refuses to perform the burial and no one in the town will help them get the body there.

Gromthar, Runga and Holaf head to the church to confront Father Donavich. The learn that the priest’s mind is fractured and that he has locked his cursed son in the basement. They find the trap door and are about to open it when Holaf attempts to detect evil, sensing a powerful undead presence under the floor boards. The group decides to leave it locked there for now. After some diplomacy they convince the Ismark and Ireena to allow Gromthar to perform the burial instead of Father Donavich, who is too far gone.

Task complete the three dwarves gather supplies. While exploring the meet an old crone with a pie cart going from door to door in the village. Gromthar makes idle conversation with the old woman and learns she sells some tasty confections called dream pies . The three dwarves buy some pies for the road and then meet up with Ireena and Ismark to begin the trip west to find the rest of Fizban’s Heroes.



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